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How ISVs Can Help Merchants Improve Customers Experience and More with Payment APIs

Using an Application Programming Interface (API) is not a new trend for users of connected devices. Whether you use a computer, smartphone, smart appliances, etc., APIs are critical to how applications on these devices communicate with each other to help you get the information you need. A common example of API usage is when a single click on an address opens a map application on your phone, or web browser. Any time, an application is calling another one to leverage a service or a function, the underlying communication is more than likely using this technology.

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Guiding Your Merchant Customers into the Era of Android

When it comes to terminal space at the merchant’s countertop, less is more. When it comes to the POS devices themselves, more is more. For ISVs and VARs, this creates an interesting challenge – how can you provide the most ongoing value to your merchant customers in a compact, modern way? The answer: Android.

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What do Superhero Movies and Agile Payment Solution Roadmaps Have in Common?

I recently watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League which, despite the long runtime, seemed to fly by and was thoroughly enjoyable. I then reflected on a presentation I did a couple of years ago comparing how well planned the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was compared to DC and their set of movies. One has clear stories, plans that follow a long-term vision to delight moviegoers and satisfy the fans while the other seems to be trying to cram everything into each movie.  

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