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Four Ways SMBs Can Meet Post-Pandemic Customer Needs

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, consumers were shopping online for essentials and nonessential items alike. According to a Deloitte report, as of May 2021, 71% of consumers feel comfortable shopping in stores. However, their shopping preferences are forever changed – only 27% will return to their pre-pandemic shopping habits. For SMBs, that means stepping up to meet changing customer expectations.

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How ISVs Can Help Merchants Improve Customers Experience and More with Payment APIs

Using an Application Programming Interface (API) is not a new trend for users of connected devices. Whether you use a computer, smartphone, smart appliances, etc., APIs are critical to how applications on these devices communicate with each other to help you get the information you need. A common example of API usage is when a single click on an address opens a map application on your phone, or web browser. Any time, an application is calling another one to leverage a service or a function, the underlying communication is more than likely using this technology.

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VARs: Offer Future-Proof, Cost-Effective Solutions with Android

Payments are so much more than they used to be. Merchants of all sizes are under pressure to do more with the technology they have and exceed customer expectations. This means accepting all payment methods, adding value at checkout, serving customers in-aisle, and managing operations seamlessly.

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Guiding Your Merchant Customers into the Era of Android

When it comes to terminal space at the merchant’s countertop, less is more. When it comes to the POS devices themselves, more is more. For ISVs and VARs, this creates an interesting challenge – how can you provide the most ongoing value to your merchant customers in a compact, modern way? The answer: Android.

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The Android Platform: What It Is and How Your Business Can Benefit from It.

When talking about Android for payments, most people think of a smart POS using the Android Operating System (OS). The devices themselves are a central piece of the puzzle but there is so much more to the Android platform than meets the eye. Understanding the Android Platform and its many components is critical to getting the most out of Android for payments.

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