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Serve Customers Success with Restaurant POS Innovations

Point of Sale systems (POS) can deliver as many savory options to the restaurant business as their menus do for hungry guests.

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Leveraging Pay-at-the-Table to Improve the Customer Experience and Streamline Operations

Building a positive restaurant guest experience relies on a lot of factors, with food quality and quick and friendly service certainly being the most important. With this in mind, restaurants need to take advantage of the technologies and solutions available to them that can help them streamline their business, which in turn will keep customers happy while also driving higher revenue. One solution that is already popular in Europe and many parts of Canada is Pay-at-the-Table (PATT).

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Four Reasons Why an Android Platform is a Key Ingredient for Your Restaurant Technology Recipe

As an ISV, you know that the restaurant business is extremely competitive. It is one of the key reasons why adopting new technology in this space is very slow. Restaurants need to work hard and establish their popularity in the community in addition to sustaining business on a day-to-day basis. This means that consumer-facing technology including payments often takes a backseat for restaurants. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how restaurants approach this all together. At the peak of the health crisis, many restaurants scrambled to offer services such as online ordering, delivery via third-party apps and even accepting contactless payments to put their customers at ease. Since then, restaurants have adapted quickly and effectively to the new normal and are continuing to offer enhanced services to their customers.

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Overcome Four Key Challenges in Restaurants with Pay-at-the-Table

Over the years, the restaurant industry has seen many technological innovations that have helped them serve their customers better. For example, QR codes recently made a comeback as an effective and touchless way for diners to access the menu. In other situations, self-service kiosks and tabletop ordering with tablets have been instrumental in helping restaurants streamline their food ordering process and add more efficiencies for their business.

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